J.A.F presents *BACKYARD BOUNTY* S20 Short Film.

We bring to you “Backyard Bounty” J.A.F S20/21 Short Film.

As we hit the road for the Coromandel, the excitement is boundless, fizzing for the adventures ahead. Driving through the unspoiled backyard of New Zealand truly makes you appreciate where we get to spend our lives. Blanketing both sides of the road, is the deep green of the wild to your right, and to the left, the sea. Nothing compares to that endless blue, the pull of the ocean, the unknown of what’s to come and knowing that our angler’s paradise awaits. The plan was to utilise every tool at our disposal, and the ability to fish from both east and west coast with such ease, felt similar to licking your fingers after some garlic butter crayfish, an appealing thought.

One of our best highlights of the trip, was the last day that entailed an epic land-based adventure, followed by a destination send to the secluded sanctuary known as New Chums beach. This incredible kiwi beach gazes out upon the Great Mercury Islands, exhibiting unparalleled views, and a location you can only dream of. A bunch of mates with many a brew, spinning some hefty yarns around a campfire, and munching on our backyard bounty, what more could you ask for?

The boys were kitted out for this excursion in our SS20 apparel, with party shirts at the ready, angler tech for every salty occasion, and a copious amount of gear ready for the warmer months ahead.

Special thanks to
Matt Queree ~
Anglers Lodge ~
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