Indroducing J.A.F Angler  ~ Andrew Talbot

Just Another Fisherman would like to introduce Andrew Talbot, our newest Angler to join the J.A.F team.

Andrew is the second Australian angler to join our team, he has a great talent as both an angler and a photographer, we are super excited to start sharing his adventures and photos and have him in our team.

We sent a few question to Andrew too learn a little more about him and what makes him tick as a angler. Enjoy.

1. What is your name and where were you born? Andrew Talbot, born in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney Australia
2.    Favorite angling season? Favorite season would have to be winter for chasing the snapper and tuna, it also reduces the boat traffic by up to 80% on the rivers which is good for the Mulloway.
3.    Raw, fried, grilled or smoked? This is a very tough question I'd choose raw to start off with as a little entree, then wrap it up with some beer battered deep fried fish cocktails. Just bought a smoker and experimenting with that at the moment.
4.    Dawn or Dusk? Definitely an early starter so I’d say dawn…. that way you have time to come back and hang out with the family for a few hours, then fit in the dusk shift too, haha my second favorite.
5.    Most memorable fishing adventure and why? Would have to say cubing for tuna 35nm offshore in the dark with the underwater lights on at the back of the boat. We had five-way hook up with 70KG Tuna; I was throwing handfuls of pillies out watching these barrels smashing them up 1m off the back off the marlin board. Was an epic experience.
6.    What are you reading/listening to right now? Not a big reader at all, but when I do its any fishing mag or article I can get my hands on.
7.    Rum, Bourbon or Whiskey? Love my bourbon, some times I have one too many ;)
8.    Spin or overhead? Spinning reels for me, unless trolling or cubing for tuna than I prefer the lever drag system with the stretch of mono line.
9.    J.A.F product you wouldn’t leave the shore without? Port Jacket “Wet Weathers” the blue one!! Got drowned this afternoon and the jacket didn’t leak a drop, great jacket.
10.    If you could go back and tell your 16-year-old self something, what’ll it be? Can’t tell you that one coz I don’t want to give away my Jew fishing secrets.
11.    Who was your fishing influence when you were young? That would have to be my dad, was on a boat at 3 weeks old and it never stopped
12.    It’s your last drink and meal on earth, what’ll it be? Seared yellow fin tuna and a nice strong bourbon
14.    Trailer or Marina Boat? Fortunate enough to have both which gives me access to chase all different species
15.    What keeps you fishing today, is it food, Adventure or timeout? All three, spot on.
16.    What is your favorite location to fish and explore? Exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Lord Howe Island trekking around the rock cliffs and bush trails chasing kings and double headers.
17.    If you had 5 days for a fishing adventure anywhere, where would you go? Lord Howe Island 100%, But I have always dreamed of fishing the Wanganella banks.


Instragram @Jewbangernofranger