VOL 3 - Battle to the Kings.
Vessel: Pursuit
Skipper: Rick Pollock
Crew: Mark Collins, Heath Kamins
Anglers : Luke farmer, Bryce Casey, Simon Barnett, Jared Fisher, Campbell Carter, Aaron Styles, Ray Holmes
Location : Far North, Three Kings Islands, New Zealand
Species : Kingfish, Bass, Hapuka, King Tarakihi, Snapper, Marlin
Technique : Bottom Fishing, Live Baiting, Jigging & Lure fishing
Author :  Aaron Styles
Day one looking back at the Mangonui entrance, situated on the Southern corner of Doubtless Bay in the Far North, New Zealand. Weather conditions are not the best with 4 – 5 meter swells 40 + knots of wind.

Well earned feed after a long day on the water is something to be cherished. The crew out did themselves with Surf and Turf washed down with a cold Wild Buck.

Mark & Heath setting lures and discussing the next skirt colour and lure position as we passed cape Karikari for North Cape.

Cape Karikari, early morning after a huge blow.

Fishing long range rises and reef structure is always exciting, here is Mark & Heath having a late evening drop at Pedro rock. Situated 26 miles north of North Cape. This spot produced more species then you can buy at a fish market, Blue-Cod, Hapuka, Snapper, Kingfish, Red Snapper and more.

Luke Farmer, aka “Master Ruke” with a solid King taken on a jig at Pedro rock, A quick tag and photo saw him released to fight another day.

Campbell Carter aka “Churn”, with a solid Deep-water critter, This Hapuka was in awesome condition and amazing eating.

After an epic battle with high drags, and a broken hook on the reef, this fish hit the surface bringing some of the reef with it. Long handle Gaff secured the fish.

Captain Rick Pollock and Heath both hold the scales to get a read on Simon’s big Bass.

Luke Famer with a solid young bass taken from a shallow 60m pin. On a fresh Kohera while fishing for Kingfish, what a nice by catch.

Aaron Styles with a Barrel King taken on dead bait, quick photo before release.

Jared Fisher with a blown bass.

Late evening bite saw some PB’s smashed both on Jigs and Live baits. Here is Simon Barnett with the Best King of the trip, which was in the high twenties.

Heading to the King Bank, Looking back at Great Island, which is the largest island at the Three Kings, Such magical place, 32 NM – NW of North Cape, New Zealand.

Heading home with his eyes still on the horizon hoping for that last chance bite from the elusive Marlin



Also Just Another Fisherman would like to give a special thanks to Pursuit Fishing Charters, DeCoro fishing supplies, Bucks Beers for making this trip possible.