Parachute Family Essentials Kit

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Be ready for all that life can throw at you with this well thought out kit. Containing only premium products, the Family Essentials kit has pretty much everything you need to take care of your friends and family.

The Family Essentials kit is made of stylish grey powder-coated iron, with a removable top tray and 5 different compartments.

Assorted fun, latex free plasters from Welly
5x Alcohol free antiseptic wipes
3x Saline
1x Burn gel sachet
1x Length of fabric dressing
2x Non-adherent bandages 7.5x10cm
2x Island dressing 6x8cm
2x Island dressing 9x10cm
1x 10x12cm Waterproof dressing
1x 6x7cm Waterproof dressing
2x Combine dressing
1x Papertape 2.5cm wide
1x Wound close strips
1x Gauze
1x Tweezers
1x Stainless steel scissors
1x Gloves
1x Conforming bandage 5cm wide
1x Cohesive bandage 5cm wide
4x Safety pins
1x Reusable calico triangular bandage
2x Splinter probes
1x Vomit bag
First Aid Information helplines

31.5cm x 19cm wide x 21cm high