"The Salty Dad" Father's Day Competition "WINNERS"
It’s been great to see your photos and hear the yarns behind them. It would appear we’re spoilt with the presence of so many salty dads showing us the ropes, occasionally successfully!
The votes are in and the saltiest dads are as follows:

Voters Choice – JAF Prize Pack (valued at $500):

Jack Wells, Nelson, New Zealand ~ 370 Votes.

Best Snap Award - $500 JAF Voucher:

Nicolaas Joachim Johnston, Christchurch


Best Yarn Award – Al Brown Prize Pack 

Kate Rassie & Her Salty Dad

You want a salty Dad, you say?
Have I got one for you!
This one's a master fisherman
And bushman-hunter too!

The scaly and the furry,
The antlered, and the fowl:
The rainbows and the brownies
Oh! Hear them wince and howl:

From frosty winter Maimai
With quacker at the mouth
To wader-mornings, riverside;
In Tongariro South:

The silver flash of trout-swish
A light-as-feather cast;
A bite, a fight, a reel-click;
A battle to the last

That's my fisher-father!
(Here, he's after duck
In oilskin and warpaint
And gummies, for the muck)

He ties his flies, and guts his deer
(He packs the buggers out!)
He mounts his heads, a homespun job
That's what it's all about!

And so, if salty's what you want
I've got you quite a lad:
Moustachioed, a vet'ran
The best backcountry dad.
We love getting amongst it with our dads, whether we bring home the catch of the day or otherwise. From rough boats in calm seas to trying our luck from the beaches, it’s time well spent and provides us with our own stories to chew ears off with, just like dad.