The Salty Dad ~ Entries
Salty Dad: Andrew
"Passion... I guess that would have to be the one word that encapsulates my Dad, Andrew. See from a young age, Dad has instilled a passion in me; a passion not only for fishing but a passion for the outdoors. It is this passion that has allowed meet so many amazing people and form so many unforgettable memories. So if I had to sum up his legacy it would be in his favourite quote; 'Fish come and go… It is the memories of the afternoons that endure'."


Salty Dad: Gareth

"To many he was Gareth, but to me he was Pa, and he has a special place in my heart. From my earliest memories, Pa would always take the time and energy to take me on fishing journeys. See for Pa, these journeys were not simply about bringing home a trophy catch but really about taking some time off to appreciate, respect and most importantly reflect on the beauty of the natural world. Unfortunately I won't be able to cast a line with Pa this father's day, but I will certainly take the time to cherish his legacy. Cheers, Matt"

Salty Dad: Gommans

"I appreciate the time that my Dad has put into teaching and taking myself and my brother fishing. He took us fishing before we could walk, fly fishing in the rivers around home before heading to the ocean when we we're old enough. In teaching us how to fish we've been taught patience, respect and a love of the ocean. Fishing has become such a big part of my life and even part of my work. Thanks Dad for giving me this special passion that we share."

Salty Dad: Wiseman
"Most people wouldn't be entering a pic of their father in law but I am! He's the most passionate person I know when it comes to the outdoors and what he likes to call the 'bounty of the seas' you name it and he's fishing or diving for it! This year he got the ultimate catch for Father's Day his very 1st grandson and my son James!"
Salty Dad: Jay
"This is my dad Jay - Infamous for being the owner of Jay's Takeaway in Onehunga for over 21 years he was also a mad fisho. Growing up we spent time on the Onehunga and Shelly Beach Rd wharves. He taught me patience, perseverance and how to fix a reel after I continuously ended up with birds nests. I am so grateful for the time we spent on the wharf and off charter boats catching fish and being on the water. I wish he was still here to fish along side me today. Thank you dad."  
Salty Dad: Mann

"My Dad has taught me everything I know about fishing, from baiting the hooks, to the art of catching the fish, to putting the ike through your catch, and filleting the fish when we return home. Although, even after all of these years he is still trying to hold my rod for me. If my Dad could be out fishing every day of the year he would! I always look forward to our long summers of fishing and my favourite day is our annual street fishing competition. Every year he pays my admission fee and every year I come back with the smallest fish but the biggest smile because of the fun we had on the water. I wouldn’t be completely mad about fishing today if it wasn’t for my Dad. Here he is pulling his classic ‘hold close to the camera’ pose with his 20lb snapper."

Salty Dad: McMillan

"Nothing beats time on the water with Daddio. “Are the bungs in?”, “Packed the ocean anchor?”, “Grabbed the nuclear chickens?” even the odd broken rod and hooks in fingers, you name it, I now know it. Dad has taught me both the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of fishing! I’ve been in London a year now but I get regular updates like this latest photo with the simple caption "Winter fishing is good" It’s not just the do's and don’ts that matter but the time we get to spend together doing what we love. I'll always be Dads little fisher girl!"

Salty Dad: Caleb

"This is my Dad. He has taught my brother and I everything we know about fishing and boating. Making us stand in chest deep water in the middle of winter at 4am while he rows out to catch piper for bait, before shooting out to try catch that elusive 20lb snapper as the sun rises.  100 words doesn't really give me the time to do him justice, I could write a book on everything he has taught us. He really is a true fisherman through and through and I could not think of anyone more deserving of this. Plus it will stop him from wearing my J.A.F gear. This photo shows him with just another snapper. He sure knows how to catch the big one, that secret he hasn't yet shared."

Salty Dad: Peterson

"Unknown to me at the time, my love for fishing was probably instilled by Dad during our family holidays. He’d take us kids fishing off the rocks, teaching us to find our own pipi and use them as bait. He'd tell stories of his fishing trips, and of his fathers fishing trips. Those were the good ol’ days of fishing. I treasure these memories, we can’t fish together anymore, but after every fishing trip now it’s my turn to share my stories, photos and catch with my Dad"

Salty Dad: Ron Smith 
"This is my dad Ron Smith, the reason he's special is because after 38 years of trying to convince me to spend valuable time on a boat in salt water and me declining, he persevered. On my 39th birthday (at 62 years old) he got me well and truelly hooked on deep water fishing. In two years I've caught loads of species including game fish, I'm officially addicted and following in dads footsteps. Now to convince him to give me his boat..."

Salty Dad: Barlow
"From the day me and my brother were born our dad has given us a passion for not only fishing but the ocean 💙 he has taught us everything we know about fishing, driving the boat, how and where to catch certain fish and I couldn't imagine my life without it! We have a fishing charter business in Samoa called @extreme_measures_ltd and I believe he deserves to win because his passion is taking people out to give them the amazing experience of fishing and being out in the ocean that they may not have experienced before and that we were lucky enough to grow up with. So not only has he taught me and my brother but also so many people from all over the world! Love him so much 💙"


Salty Dad: Lizard
"Dad, old boy, lizard, so many names to describe a single person. I can't quite possibly explain how much of my fishing success has been due to this guy. Its funny how it changes from 4 am mornings with Dad pulling me out of bed; add a couple years to 3 am mornings with me pulling Dad out of bed after organizing gear the night before. The hours put in to land a single fish are uncountable with fishing trips extending well past the old guys bedtime. So, here's to more fish and less sleep Dad! Cheers! Finn"

 Salty Dad: Cashmere
"This is my dad, my uncle, my son and I going out for a fishing trip. The love and respect for the sea and fishing has been passed down through the family. My son and I are so lucky to have a father /grand father that we can all fish together. #thesaltydad"


Salty Dad: Jed Jackson
"My first trip on a boat with dad. We fish heaps on the wharf and he has helped me to catch a lot of Jack Mackerel and even a Kingfish. This was on the mussel barge in Coromandel and we caught my first legal snapper. I loved the boat and fishing is the best, one day we will get our own boat. Happy Dad’s day Dad.  From Jed Jackson (age7) with help from mum"
Salty Dad: Johns
"I really appreciate my dad teaching me how to fish because it has given my life skills far beyond taking a hook out. It's the moments that pass in between bites alone with him that helped our relationship grow most and often he would have had to take time out of his day to take me out which now means a lot so this would be an awesome way to pay back some of what he has done for me. Plus we are pretty good fisherman if I say so myself 😉"


Salty Dad: Root
"This photo was from a couple of years ago when dad and I caught some of the biggest snapper we ever have! My dad is the best as he taught me the ways of fishing at a very young age and still teaches me new things to this day! My dad means a lot to me and to get a fishing prize would mean a lot to him! It would mean so much to me and obviously to my dad if he got a prize from you guys as he is the real Salty Dad!! Cheers guys, Jacob."


Salty Dad: Ian Stewart
"I'm entering my dad Ian Stewart for your competition this man has had all of his kids fishing before we could walk taught us all the knowledge we need to become top gun fisherman.
He is an inspiration from flying to haast in a helicopter just to fish those spots that may have never had a lure thrown at them or to getting the boat out at the bach to go sea fishing there's a few pictures here of him in his element.  I think dad deserves to win because he's a top bloke who is a quality fisherman he always puts his kids first then fishing comes in a close second. There is a picture of me and my brother in there too. My father can't decide whether or not he likes sea or freshwater fishing better all he knows is he loves to be out there doing it!! Thanks guys for your time, Hayden Stewart"


Salty Dad: Hamish
"My daddy started teaching me the most important thing in life from a young to catch a marlin! I was stoked to see such a big fishy in my first game fishing season. I see the joy it brings him spending 12 hours a day out at sea (not so much joy for my mummy!) Fishing is more than just the catch, it's teaching me all the important life skills of hunting and gathering, water safety, social skills and an appreciation for our wildlife.
Your son and best bud, Charlie Kemp x"
Salty Dad: Gene Bryant
"This is our Daddy, his names Gene. Daddy came into our world 2 years ago, ever since our lives have been a giant adventure. Our Daddy loveeeeees fishing. We are learning to tie our own knots, we know how to bait our hooks because Daddy taught us. Daddy takes us out on kayaks to Islands to catch fish off rocks. We have seen seals, whales, crabs and catch big fish. Daddy teaches us and gives good cuddles. We love Daddy because we never went fishing and now we go lots and we love it. Our Daddy is the best."

From Kaia (6) and Kobi (4) 


Salty Dad: Brown
"This is a photo of my Granddad and I. At the time I was 5, and 24 years later I still remember this day as clear as anything. An afternoon down at the Ahuriri Wharf in Napier, just Granddad and I wetting a line. Every holidays he would come visit and we would go fishing, sometimes we would go away to other destinations, all with fishing in mind. Granddad has since passed on, he lived to the grand old age of 92 and right up until the day he passed he enjoyed a cast and catch.
Now it's my turn to be somebody a little person can look up to, and as my ten month old is too young to conjure up a yarn about how great her old man is, I thought I would share the story of how I came to enjoy my fishing, and how a fella in his element taught me so much.
Life is a lot like fishing, patience, perseverance, enjoying the moment and being close with those you love, I can only hope that I can teach our little girl what Granddad taught me, with a rod in hand, of course. Cheers, Dom Brown."


Salty Dad: Danyel
"This is my dad Danyel, he is in his element when he is fishing on his new boat or his JetSki. Although I am still little, Daddy still has lots of patience and he is already teaching me how to fish. He even said he will buy me my own pink rod for my 3rd birthday. I can't wait to catch big fish with daddy when I get bigger."
Ruby (Age 2 1/2 years)


 Salty Dad: Dowling
"I can't think of anyone more deserving than my Dad for the Just Another Fisherman Father's Day Comp! He is the reason I have such a huge passion and obsession for fishing, having put a rod in my hand ever since I could stand on my own two feet and has always encouraged me to "show the boys how it's done"! I have since moved to Wellington but we're on the phone every week, bragging about our latest catch, trying to top one another - here he is with his PB Snapper from the Marlborough Sounds earlier this year. Love ya Dad!"


Salty Dad: Monty's Dad
"I might only be just 4mths old but Dads already brought me my first fishing rod, when I was one week old I was in the front pack helping him put out the longline, I've had my photo taken laying next to his trout & snapper catch (much to mums horror!) & forget story time, me & Dad like to study the fish species poster at bedtime, my first word will probably be fish 🎣 I'm not meant to watch TV but Dad lets me watch the fishing shows with him. He can't wait to get me on the rod, he'll probably have me down at the wharf this summer before I'm walking, he won't care what we catch because as long as he has a line in the water he's happy. My Daddy's the best, I can't wait until I'm old enough to chase Marlin (or whitebait) with him! Please pick my Dad coz Mums maternity pay just ran out & my Fathers Day allowance is pretty poor plus I've spewed on most of his @justanotherfisherman threads. Love Monty" 

Salty Dad: Williams
"Before I could rig up my own line, my father took me fishing. From an early age this installed life lessons I still pride myself on today. Patience, respect, an appreciation for the natural world and organisation. "Time and tide wait for no man".
The salmon in this picture was caught on a cracker of a summers day, with perfect sea conditions. One which my Dad had taken off work. I guess that's another thing he taught me. Priorities."

Salty Dad: Bruce Read
"I would love to enter my Dad, Bruce Read in the Salty Dad challenge! Here is my dad (the guy looking at the camera) surrounded by his kids and grandkids pulling in the long line.
Every holiday we ever went on as a child I always remember dad dragging our fishing lines along. I remember the freezing cold water, the smelly little things we caught and the memories of dad being stocked we were out doing something he loved. I'm thankful for those moments because I'm now married to a man who also LOVES fishing and so at least I know enough of the talk to be in the know of his fav sport 😂😉 thanks Dad!"

Salty Dad: Saville 
"We have a batch in Stewart Island where the whole family goes fishing. Dad has spent hours teaching is from a young age how to fish, which we never really thanked him for. He has spent more than enough in us realigning all his gear we loose so its time to pay him back with this awesome prize!!"

Salty Dad: Ant Laity 
"Ant Laity in his element, just south of Whangaroa. Posing for a photo before he winds up into a trademark strike. A couple things he has taught me over the years, firstly you don’t need all the flash gear etc to get the job done (pictured with his favourite tr100, still debating this point with him haha). Secondly his unique number sequence he counts aloud to ensure he gives the fish time to eat the bait. You will hear him say “15….9….8….” and then ‘whamo” as he sets the hook. A true salty Dad. Cheers, Jack"

Salty Dad: McMCullough
"Everyday in the McCullough household is like our very own episodes of 'outdoors with 'Geoff''
Pretty much fresh out of the womb my father was teaching my sister and I how to fish. Longlining at our batch in the Coromandel started my passion for fishing and my love of the environment. We now spend most weekends fishing in the tasman bay. Geoff is never short of an adventure and has taught me the great skills of hunting and filleting which puts him just below Bear Grylls in my inspirational outdoors men. 
He has given me inspiration and love of the water, including scubadiving, freediving and surfing. So much love for this groovy outdoor legend 🌊🎣"


Salty Dad: Simon Stanworth
    "Here is a photo of my wonderful father, Simon with my partner Josh, just off from Arkles Bay beach in Whangaparaoa.As far back as I remember my dad was regularly going out to catch fish or dive for crayfish. Although i was never the best fisherwomen (this usually involved crying if the waves were too big or realising i was actually killing a fish) I still loved every boating experience with my dad growing up and I valued every trip, every lesson he taught me and every story he told.  I still vividly remember being perched up on the table stool in our living room watching and waiting for him to drive up the driveway with the boat full of fish to proudly show me. 
    There were also a few lessons in my swimming pool with the full diving gear on. He would go and buy pretend cray fish and sea shells and teach me confidence and techniques in diving for them. I am yet to catch a crayfish, but I know one day all those swimming pool lessons will pay off.
    My partner, Josh and  my dad have a very special bond, so now as an adult I get to wait in my living room for them to come up the driveway with a boat full of fish & cray with a lot of stories, laughs and beer to follow.
    It’s memories like these i will always treasure. 
    Alex Stanworth"
    Salty Dad: Alex Simpson
    "Our dad Alex is the best fisherman out! He lives and breathes it, spending the week teaching us new skills with our fishing rods, tying knots and watching fishing shows (much to Mum's dismay!). We love that he takes us out fishing whenever he can, and brings us home big fish for our dinner! We can't wait for summer because we know that dad will be taking us out every weekend, just like he did last summer! When we grow up we want to be awesome fishermen just like our dad!"